Electrical Junior Engineer Recruitment Exam Question Paper with Answer Key

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1) The radius of a Mohr’s Circle gives directly :
(A) Maximum Normal Stress at a point
(B) Minimum Normal Stress at a point
(C) Maximum Shear Stress at a point
(D) None of the above

4. Floor Space Index is the ratio between :
(A) Total Plinth area and total carpet area
(B) Total carpet area and plot area
(C) Total Plinth area and plot area
(D) None of the above

Electrical Junior Engineer Recruitment Exam Question Paper with Answer Key

5. If the fineness modulus of a given quantity of aggregate is 8.2, the average size of aggregates
varies from :
(A) 4.75 mm to 10 mm (B) 10 mm to 20 mm
(C) 20 mm to 40 mm (D) 40 mm to 80 mm

6. The workability of concrete is influenced by :
(A) Grade of cement (B) Size of Aggregate
(C) Both (A) and (B) (D) None of the above

7. The long term Modulus of Elasticity of M25 grade concrete whose creep coefficient is 1.5, is :
(A) 15,000 M Pa (B) 7,500 M Pa
(C) 10,000 M Pa (D) 5,000 M Pa

8. The levelling method used, to find the difference in elevation between two points, when it is
not possible to set up the level, midway between them is :
(A) Fly levelling (B) Precise Levelling
(C) Differential Levelling (D) Reciprocal Levelling
9. In Chain Surveying, correction for slope to be applied in a land surveyed
of length 100 m and level difference 1 m is :
(A) + 1 cm (B) –1 cm
(C) + 0.5 cm (D) – 0.5 cm
10. Young’s Modulus of Elasticity for a perfectly rigid body is :
(A) Zero (B) Infinity
(C) Unity (D) 0.5
11. If a tensile stress of 60 kN/m2
and a compressive stress of 50 kN/m2
are acting at right angles
to each other on a piece of material then resultant stress on a plane, the normal of which
makes an angle 45° with 60 kN/m2
will be :
(A) 55 kN/m2
(B) 5 kN/m2
(C) 110 kN/m2
(D) 10 kN/m2

20. If intensity of rainfall is more than the infiltration capacity of soil, then direct runoff will be :
(A) more than infiltration capacity
(B) less than infiltration capacity
(C) equal to intensity of rainfall
(D) either (A) or (B)

Electrical Junior Engineer Recruitment Exam Question Paper

Electrical Junior Engineer Recruitment Exam Questions answer key

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